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Cellist Heike Schuch (Germany) and professor Martti Rousi (Finland) were impressed with the qualities of ”Cremona”- cello.
These instruments are especially made for Toonika and available only at us. Don’t hesitate to contact us, toonika(@)

Toonika Cremona-sello

Barriere cello duo 3rd movement – Allegro prestissimo Den Fynske Celloduo – Heikki Takkula and Sofie Spanget Takkula Recorded in Korup Church , Denmark

Toonika Maestoso-sello

Augustas Gocentas plays G.Faure Après un rêve at the 9th international A.Dombrovsky competition, 1st round, 2017. Pianist- Lelde Tirele Teacher- Martti Rousi 1st prize and spec. prize for compulsory piece interpretation.

Toonika Cremona-sello, Leonardo, Chiodo

IV Международный фестиваль Европейские концерты в Санкт Петербурге

Kasmir Uusitupa soittaa Toonikan ”Tonica”-viulua

Toonikan ”Deluxe”

Toonikan ”Maestoso”